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14 years DJing
Retired from spinning 1992.

Favorite Artists: The Beatles, The Eagles
Favorite Mixes: Thinkin' About Respect, Stayin' Alive
Other interests: Jet Skiing & Basketball

11 years DJing
7 years at Ultimix.
Currently Spinning at Warehouse 29 (Greensboro, NC).

Favorite Artists: Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan
Favorite Mixes: 25 issues of Funk (medley), I Love Rock n Roll (medley)
Other interests: Collecting autographs, Movie Posters, Working Out, & Jet Skiing

aka Tim Robertson
12 years DJing
8 years at Ultimix.
Currently Spinning at Club Odyssey (Winston-Salem, NC).

Favorite Artists: Those who keep the underground ALIVE!!!
Favorite Mixes: Roach's 95 Trip Hop Journey, Tony Dibart - "The Reel Thing"
Other interests: Owner of Poop! Records, Ice Hockey, & NASCAR

aka Brett Belcastro
8 years DJing.
5 years at Ultimix.
Currently Spinning Spring Break @ Spinnaker, Panama City - "Urban Mix Lounge"

Favorite Artists: Pharcyde, Tribe, Outkast
Favorite Mixes: Tell Me - "Groove Theory", Booty Medley - Part 1
Other interests: Video Production, The Net, College and My Girl

aka DJ Volume
10 years Djing
3 years at Ultimix

Favorite Artists: Prince, Parliament
Favorite Mixes: Rhythm Is A Dancer, Push It
Other interests: Golf & Water Skiing